Leadership Development

Is your team ready for accelerating growth?

Is your team ready to take your growth to the next level?

What does it take to achieve 20% growth for your organization every year? It was easier when you were a startup or early stage business, wasn’t it? You may have just sailed along at 20% annual growth rates for several years. But what do you do when your revenue starts…

Can Richard Branson’s hiring process help you grow your team?

Why You Should Use Richard Branson’s Hiring Process!

I was given a book written by Sir Richard Branson called Business Stripped Bare. It got me thinking about what makes Richard Branson such an extraordinary entrepreneur in so many different industries. What would he say is the most critical element in his many organizations’ successes?  I think it’s because Richard Branson has a…

What’s are the keys to building a high performing leadership team?

Can You Develop a High Performing Leadership Team?

What’s the key to building a growing, profitable business? How do you build a leadership team that can help you lead your markets? I’ve spent the last twenty five years working with and leading many of the world’s best run high growth businesses.

Are you connecting or are you broadcasting?

Are you connecting or are you broadcasting?

I recent caught up with a friend from college and it got me thinking. We hadn’t talked for over 30 years. A mutual friend of ours is not doing well and my friend wanted to see him before he passed away. We connected on that call in a way that…

What is required of leaders in times of change?

What is required of leaders in times of change?

I’m working on several great projects with clients on advanced analytics and Internet of Things. Some of the most common questions my clients ask are “What are the critical success factors in helping organizations successfully manage and use new technologies when things are changing so quickly? How do you lead…

Do you know what motivates your champion connectors?

What Motivates Your Champion Connectors Network?

Serving leaders struggle to expand their influence with people they don’t know.  I find building a network of champion connectors can help accele Add Mediarate your network and opportunities for growth. But what if you don’t have the right people in your network today?

How do champion connectors empower and engage others?

How Can Leaders Find Their Best Champion Connectors?

I’ve spent the last 25 years working with some of the most fascinating people on the planet. Almost all are champion connectors. So how do you find champion connectors? How can you empower and engage your network to change the world?

How can empowering leaders help others reach their goals?

How do empowering leaders influence others today?

I got several notes from people about Are There Influencers in Your Marketing Future? on influence and influencers. Several felt that I made it seem too easy to become an influencer. Actually, I believe it’s easier to be influential today than any other time in our history. How do empowering…

St. Teresa of Calcutta: A True Servant Leader

While St. Teresa of Calcutta did not toot her own horn, there were plenty of others so inspired to do that for her–and share her message and example of love and mercy.