Build Your Sales

Are You Growing Your Business or Just Running It?

“A big obstacle we often face to growing our business is actually running it.” This was a comment made to me quite a few years back by the CEO of a local capital management firm. It was quite an objective observation about the pitfalls of business leadership.

What are the qualities of a smarter sales leader today?

Is Your Organization Ready For Smarter Sales Leaders?

What are the critical elements to great sales leadership? So many people I talk with tell me things are changing for them as sales leaders. The increasing complexity of doing business, global competition, and a limited group of talented professionals to choose from are changing the role of sales leaders. …

What skills do you need for team selling success?

What Skills Do You Need for Team Selling Success?

I believe the biggest sales trend of 2016 and beyond is team selling. Every executive I talk with asks me what trend has the largest impact on revenue growth for 2016.  I share with them that sales has become a team sport. Team selling is going to change the way…