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Big Lessons From 30 Years’ Freelance Copywriting:

This  guest article is written by one of my favorite marketing experts and mentors Dan Kennedy. He is considered one of the top copywriters in the world. He  shares several ideas that will increase your response rates and make it easier to get your customers to take the action you want…

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How to win more IT sales

If you are looking for the signs your IT sale maybe falling apart read about it at Market Leadership Journal. This blogs starts a series of articles on how small software and IT consusulting companies can compete and win against larger competitors using new technologies to get to know their clients better….

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How to Increase IT Sales Success

I’ve found over the years in selling and marketing IT services that the more accurately you track deals the fewer surprises at the end of the month for revenue goals. The IT sales process is focused on having the ability to understand all the different stakeholders and having them on…