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How to Begin Building Your Mobile Strategy

For many small and midmarket organizations, mobile can be a giant killer. So how do you leverage technology to get the results you are looking for with mobile?  Since this is the first Mobile Monday, I thought it might be helpful to share with you how mobile can help you…

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Remembering Coach Wooden

I share my thoughts on Coach Wooden at Extraordinary Partnerships today. I think building high performing teams is critical to your technology and software companies’ success. As small business leaders we have many responsibilities and leadership is critical to you success. For the small IT and software business you can…

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Can Leadership Change The Way You Sell Technology?

With IT Software and technology starting to grow again is it time to bring out your new secret weapon in the marketing war? Your CEO can provide your technology company with an additional dimension to you marketing effectiveness.  I examine this marketing strategy and share why I think its time…