11 Minutes to Accelerate Growth in Your Microbiz in 2019!

Let’s celebrate your microbiz success in 2019 and beyond!Let’s celebrate your microbiz success in 2019 and beyond!

This Friday is #MicroBizMatters Day in the UK. I’ve participated for the past several years by sharing content and new ideas for my friends in the UK. I also wear out my fingers retweeting and sharing other people’s great ideas on what works in a Microbiz. You can find these great ideas under hashtag #IGave11. The idea is if all of us can help a fellow business owner for 11 minutes, we can help ensure a booming economy in 2019! 

Here are 12 ideas in 11 minutes that can help take your business to the next level in the coming year. It’s my investment for your future prosperity. Once you see how they transform your business, you can share them with you fellow Microbiz owners. You can buy me a pint to celebrate your businesses’ success. Now let’s get rocking!

  1. Know what you sell. In most cases, it’s not a product or a service, it’s you. Learn how to sell you. One advantage you have is you know your team and what you can deliver. Don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd! Become great at sharing your story.
  2. Do you know who your ideal client is? From the day you open your doors to every day you go to work, invest time thinking about who’s your best customer and why. Then make sure you know where they are. Digital prospecting can expand your geographic reach to better clients.
  3. Invest time everyday in marketing your business. I know it’s stressful when working with clients. Your best insurance policy for long term success is having a constant flow of new potential clients coming through your business.
  4. Learn what marketing works for your business. Take time to track the results of your sales and marketing efforts. There are many ways to market your business. Find the ways that work best for you and your team and keep improving it.  The best microbiz owners I know tell their story with the same, if not more, enthusiasm than they had when they started their business. They keep improving their storytelling capabilities. Do you?
  5. Make sure every activity has a payout that you can measure. You can only measure what you can quantity. Don’t underestimate the value of measuring how you feel when dealing with others. More people burn out dealing with bad customers than stress out about finding new ones.
  6. Know your superpower! Know what your team does better than anyone else. Learn to blow your own horn when sharing clients’ success. Always focus on the results the customer and clients got out of your project.
  7. Increase your value to your clients on a regular basis. Make sure your business is the one they cannot live without! There are many ways to provide additional value to clients. Look for them with every client. Have the people who work with clients watch to see what other services they may be buying from other firms.
  8. Get better at building valuable networks with other microbiz owners. We are more powerful than me. Have an easily defined partnership strategy. Invest time in getting to know partners before they are involved in your projects. This saves you a lot of sleepless nights.
  9. Learn how to read your clients’ agenda. Agenda reading and supporting can increase trust with your clients. Help your clients trust you by aligning your shared interest in their success.
  10. Create a referral system from the start of a new client or customer relationship. Educate your clients that the quality of your work comes from having clients like them to work with. Let your clients be your word of mouth advertising.
  11. Learn how to retain your best clients and customers. Do you know what it costs to get a customer? Do you know it costs much less to retain a great customer? Make sure your team knows these numbers.
  12. Understand the costs of doing business your way. Many microbiz entrepreneurs struggle with the financial part of their businesses. Once you understand your costs, it’s easier to decide which clients are the best and which ones you should be looking to replace.

Know how do use this list? Take one idea each month and make it the topic of one of your monthly meetings. What?? You don’t do team meetings? Here’s your bonus idea, a Braden baker’s dozen.

Take time to get together with your whole team once a month. Have lunch or breakfast brought in. It helps you all get to know and trust each other. Successful Microbiz thrive on teamwork and trust.

Share one of the ideas from the above list. Get feedback from your team on how they’re doing these things. Let your team talk and brainstorm how they might achieve these goals. Make sure everyone talks and share ideas. Then put together an action plan on the item. Make sure you follow up to see that these things are getting done. You’ll notice a huge difference in revenue and profits at the end of the year.

Have a great #MicrobizMatters Day this Friday, January 11.  See you there!

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See you here next week.

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