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Can Randy Clark put a blog in your future?

Can Randy Clark put a blog in your future?

How do you position yourself as an expert in your market? How do you build a relationship with key customers and partners? What would it be worth to your business to become recognized as a market leader? Today, I share one of my favorite marketing tools, the business blog!

How do you identify your clients’ agenda?

How Do You Identify Your Client’s Agenda?

How do you stand out from the crowd when marketing your products and services? With all the marketing messages you see and hear every day, what stands out for you, what gets you to act on something you hear today? I bet if you’re like me, you respond to messages…

How do you find your best prospects not suspects?

Are These Organizations Prospects or Suspects?

I got several notes from readers last week saying that their sales people spend significant time with the wrong people at the wrong time in the wrong part of the organization. Are they really prospects, or suspects? I know your sales team never misses their mark, but I still do,…

Why isn’t your sales team prospecting in 2017?

Why Your Sales Team Isn’t Prospecting in 2017!

I’ve been in sales for many years. Each year, I work with many great clients in emerging technology markets. Every year, I hear from my potential clients that their sales people aren’t prospecting for new business. Over the next two years, 75% of these companies will disappear. Do you want…

13 Ways to build a stronger, more profitable microbiz in 2017!

13 Tips to Make 2017 Your Best Microbiz Year Ever!

Happy MicroBiz Matters Day! Today in the UK, a group of micro enterprise entrepreneurs are celebrating their businesses! Over the past several years, many successful microbusinesses have been founded by people over the age of fifty who want to create an extraordinary business for themselves and families. These businesses have…

How do you become the disruptor in 2017?

Entrepreneur, are you the disruptor or disrupted in 2017?

7 trends that will disrupt your business in 2017 from Strategic Performance Partners How is your market changing? Where do you turn when things are changing so quickly? Can you become a disruptor in 2017? What trends can you use to become a market leader? Every year clients ask me…

What Christmas gifts is Santa bringing entrepreneurs this year?

5 Inspiring Gifts for Serving Entrepreneurs this Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I hope you’re having a great holiday season this year. What do you give the people who give so much to others? Today, I want to give you the gifts of inspiration that you provide me with throughout the year.

What’s are the keys to building a high performing leadership team?

Can You Develop a High Performing Leadership Team?

What’s the key to building a growing, profitable business? How do you build a leadership team that can help you lead your markets? I’ve spent the last twenty five years working with and leading many of the world’s best run high growth businesses.